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I don't know if any of you do this, but with each GTA game, I come up with a specific target for my protag to kill*. With CJ I went after drug dealers, With Niko I took out people on Cell phones, with Johnny I took out cab drivers who charged more than $35, and with Luis I killed anyone in a Cavalcade(while not driving one myself). These are the targets for the 3 new protags that I've come up with thus far.


Michael - Tennis Instructors. I believe the guy having a fair with his wife was her tennis instructor. So anyone with a tennis outfit or racquet, is going to feel his wrath. In Bullet time.

Franklin - Anyone wearing purple. Even in neighborhoods that it doesn't matter. Any time he sees purple he sees red.

Trevor - Anyone who's polite. Thank you might as well mean kill me to this hillbilly bi-sexual.


Any one else as sick and twisted as me?


*this also includes; hookers, hitchhikers, people who annoy me, and anyone who hits my car.

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That's pretty funny. I didn't really do that in GTA4 , but i did kill alot of ppl that pissed me off or got in my way. lol.

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I would bump into people if they had a problem the guns came out. Niko was all about that with me, Johnny i'd just take a bat to people and Luis I'd start gun fights in the more hood areas.
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I would use my friends' favors in GTA IV. Call in back-up. Take them and their car to pick up a car bomb. Park the car next to some cops at a police station. Blow them up. Firefight. Call Bobby to pick my up in the helicopter at a nearby building and fight my way to my extraction. Yep.