Non-online Multiplayer?

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I loved the multiplayer in San Andreas, even if it was a pain sometime with the lack of split screen, it was so cool playing GTA with my friends and doing drivebys and wreaking havoc on the city. Is there any word on this returning in GTA5? My dream is to have a split screen option for a freeroam. Even if its not possible to incorporate multiplayer into the story mode, is it still possible that they might allow for a freeroam multiplayer option NOT ONLINE? Just a thought. So siked for this game.
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I can sadly say I doubt it. I love split-screen. It's great for fun with friends or family and adds that little extra something for those without online. I remember as a really young kid I would play Driver with my grandma. We weren't great but we had a hell of a time. I would also love split-screen in GTA and would definitely welcome it with open arms, but split-screen is becoming more like an animal. An endangered one at that. Slowly dying off. And that disheartens me. It really really does.