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 In this post I'll share my thoughts on GTA V as the release comes closer. Today I'll give my thoughts as to the release window of GTA V, if it will come out in Spring as advertised or later.

 Here is the possiblities for both theories.

 For Spring release.

 Take-two has been known for releasing more than two games in one year as stated in In fact, in 2012 alone Take-Two has released five games that year with Borderlands 2 and XCOM:Enemy Unknown less than a month apart.

 There has been some speculation that the game will come out in October. Yet releasing GTA V at that time could put it at risk with competition from Call of Duty and Pokemon X and Y plus the possibility of next-gen consoles coming out at that time. Unless these consoles have backwards compatibility and/or that companies continue to support the current-gen consoles as well as next-gen, GTA V could face a fractured audience if it would to get released on next-gen consoles.

 For a later release.

 Rockstar has had most of their games delayed in recent years. But in spite of some belief Rockstar is not doing this to get at their audience. The video game industry is a unpredictable buisness with the possibility of glitches, bugs, and the game taking longer than expected for their timetable. (Not saying this will happen but all possibilities must get explored.) Rockstar wants to release the best game possible as evident in Red Dead Redemption and sometimes a delay is nessicary. yet this doesn't mean a long delay. It could just mean two weeks or even a Summer release.

 Next time I'll talk about my theories for the game and share my speculation for what to expect for gameplay


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I, of course, feel its going to be a "late as possible but not so late as to bump up against the next gen hype" release. Take2 is simply not going to compete with itself, BioShock is a big title (much much bigger than X-Yawn) and has already been delayed. And with the lack of info, I simply feel the game is not ready for a Spring Release. Sometimes I think Rockstar forgets that Take2 is their BOSS, they pay the bills. Makes me wonder if they stepped in it again saying Spring like they did when they released Trailer 1, Take2 hated that.

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 Here is another "episode" of Mastermind's speculation post. I'm going to postone my character speculation to focus on the official release date. I'm not sure about Rockstar intentionaly angering it's fanbase. If they were really jerks then they would've waited till March so they could get more pre sales then drop the bombshell. They would not have released the date this early.


 With the reveal of the PS4 later this month, some would expect the game to come out next-gen but in my opinion it would be a very bad idea for Rockstar to do this. The new consoles will not reach the same number of buyers as the current systems for at least two years leading to less revenue for Rockstar for a number of reasons:

1 People will likely shy away from buying these new systems for at least three months fear of the consoles being faulty (RROD)

2 Consoles could have a poor library of launch titles (PS3) . GTA V could only do so much and may not be enough to pull in enough buyers alone

3 People will likely not afford to buy a brand new system off the gate. If the system winds up having a $599 price like the PS3 then people will wait for the price to go down before buying


I'll see you again soon with the regular speculation on GTA V.

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 Here's Mastermind again with another post. With the announcement of the PS4, people have been speculating that the game will come out for next-gen. After reading comments in a few forums, I belive the game will come out on both generations of consoles.

 I think releasing the game on next-gen alone as I already stated is a poor fiancial decision, yet the game could do well down the road for next-gen when the mumbers go up in a couple of years. I predict the earliest release for will be Spring 2014.


 That is all for now.