Is this game EVER coming to PC?

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Hello, I am sure that this topic has been discussed over eons now but..I can't seem to find a direct thread to it

But the question stands: I haven't been looking around GTA5 news since I don't find many interesting things (All I find are market sales, things that may be controversial, random nonsense and such) but I never find anything that relates GTA5 to PC

Now I know I know that it takes time to port it on the PC and all and that the PC may not be the "Greatest thing ever" but some people are dead centered on the PC platform...Basically because mods and shizz...

So yeah..Anyone knows if the game will be touching the PC at any point?

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Not that I have any facts to cover my back. But I have this gut feeling so... I really doubt it. Since Rockstar themselves weren't really discussing this issue since the actual 360 and PS3 release. And by now it should have happened, just enough time passed for them to optimize it and set it up for the PC. But, this game has been getting a lot of great reviews, so PC gamers are wanting it more and more every day, so everything is possible.

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@matthewsto: That is true, and hopefully they will polish it up so it will be suitable to the PC

Mostly saying that since I once played GTA4 on the PC and it worked like poop...And honestly I just want to see what is the fuss over GTA5

Also currently waking up with my pillow filled with drool when my dreams hint about GTA5...So yeah, PC gamers do want it a lot, at least I do (Hint: I don't dream about GTA5 or wake up with my pillow covered in watery substance)

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GTA V does tend to run like crap on 360 and PS3 (at least my 360), but It's still 8 year old hardware. It should run neat on some retards 2000$ PC :P

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@matthewsto: Hey! I happen to be planning of putting down money for some new hardware because my current stuff is out of date. Just because I want to improve what I have doesn't make me a "Retard" :(

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@kalgert: Hey hey calm down, I was just trying to express myself. I was talking about people that randomly throw away money for hardware when they don't need it.

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@matthewsto: ......



Oh, okay then, my bad, sorry, I thought you were the kind of person that didn't like PC people

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If it came out 6 months from now I think it was already a bit too late.
And don't forget the beloved mods that you play with for a good 15 minutes before you get bored of them would take 1~2 years at least to come out.

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I'm convinced that the only way GTAV will ever go on PC is if Gabe Newell of Valve Software infamy bribes Rockstar into doing so, and he has reason to.

First reason being the Steam Machine. Valve games aren't enough to make Linux a viable gaming platform. If the Steam Machine is to ever take off, he'd need to spend more money than what's already being spent on Linux gaming.

Second reason being Half-Life 3. Even if Gabe Newell cares not for Linux gaming's success, there's still the fact that Valve are scraping the bottom of the barrel for reasons to delay Half-Life 3. We can fill the barrel, provided that we ask Valve about paying Rockstar to port GTAV.

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They say to wait for E3 but I doubt Rockstar will make an announcement there. I'm not even sure they will have a presentation at all.

GTA V is still selling fairly well after all this time and in the Top 10 charts. I don't think they want to cannibalize any of those console sales just yet.

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GTA V is coming to PC on March 15 2015

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Check the video: