Invincible health cheat

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I know the cheats haven't been revealed yet but I really hope they add a cheat that will make you invincible. In GTA 4 there was a cheat that recovered your health, but it was annoying because you had to keep going to your phone to activate it everytime you were damaged. If I remember correctly, red dead redemption had an invicibility cheat, though it would turn off randomly after a while..


Btw, I wonder if you'll be able to use cheats during a mission? I remember in gta 4 TBGT if you cheated during any mission, it wouldn't count towards your rank or something... either way, I wouldn/t mind if they disabeled the use of cheats during the story mode, because thats... cheating. But if you're just messing around, then using cheats isn't a problem.

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So do I. Frequently reverting back to your phone was such a pain in the arse.