I know everyone will hate me for saying this but..........

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I recently say a gameplay video from the developers which not everyone has seen so I'll lay my comments. I think this game will suck. Not majorly but there's a lot of annoying little things that will keep it from greatness. The switching between characters is too long and awkward, there's no autoaim, the driving is too arcade-y ( GTA IV had brilliant, realistic driving) and some of the dialogue is terrible. Who says "somewhere stuck between joyful and peachy". It's trying to sound too witty and humourous but just comes off as being stupid and thinks it's better than it is. Just my two cents, let me know what you think. I respect intelligent and well written replies or counter arguments. Any childish insults and fanboyisms, i will ensure that your account is banned.
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LOL........WOW! Agree to disagree I guess.....thats your opinion and that's ok.

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Yeah, pretty sure we all saw that video...

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If the switching is anything like the map switching in Midnight club LA, which looks alot similar to it. Then it looks fine. Arcade style driving? This isnt a sim racing game, get over it. I love when people have opinions because i can judge them the way i read it and i surely wont base myself off of some random person off the internet. Ill wait to see more gameplay footage but My special edition pre order is staying put. thank you very much
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I don't what to change opinion, i'm just stating mine btw
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Valid points. However, a couple of your concerns have been addressed: "The switching between characters is too long and awkward" - The time it takes to switch is dependent upon the distance between the characters. Longer time when far apart, shorter time when in close proximity. A good example of this was in the gameplay trailer (e.g., longer during the out-of-mission sequence that ended w/Trevor, quicker during the skyscraper mission). "there's no autoaim" - There will be 3 targeting modes: assisted aiming (i.e., auto-aim), traditional GTA, and free aim. To your last two points... "the driving is too arcade-y" - I've seen that mentioned here and there. I personally don't feel that I can form an opinion of this area of the game from watching a video. I think that this is something that we need to "feel" for ourselves. "some of the dialogue is terrible" - I'm sure some of it will be "terrible", and some will be "great", depending on personal preference. As for the particular piece of dialogue you singled out, I simply took it as the woman being sarcastic. Like the driving, I think it's too early to truly decide.
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 the driving in gta IV sucked, hope this time it's like in san andreas where you can go through traffic full blast ..

- and hopefully in the new game they get rid of those overly histerical characters like brucee, roman  and that fat black woman .. gta IV had the most annoying characters in the serie ..

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"I will ensure that your account is banned"

Looks like we have a big shot over here...