GTA V wishlist

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 Do not compare or bash on other peoples wish's

- Vehicle Customization

- Chill with more then one friend at a time

- More clothes and clothing options

- Hair styles

- Patriot ( hummer )

- A wanted/notority system kind of like assassins creed but diffrent

- More T.V channels

- Alot more songs in radio stations

-Weight lifting and gym

- Weapon Skill ( like in san andreas )

- More choices other then kill this guy or the other guy. It should actually impact the storyline

- Parachuting

- Be able to mug people and rob banks

- weapon customazation

- The military

- Alot more missions

- Activitys like Fight Club, armwrestling ( i liked those ) street racing, shooting range, drug dealing and smuggling and burglary loved that in san andreas

- Stealth kills

- Police raids on your safehouse if your notority/wanted level is high

- not having to drive all the fregging time and be able to ride shotgun

- Drive your own car in missions and have it not dissapear when you have to drive another guys car

- a better garage system you can store it in and select your car kind of like saints row but more realistic cant fit a 18 wheel truck in a garage ment for a small car

- fighting styles

- C.J cameo

- be able to take over the town with your own crime family or street gang

- stuff like stevies car thefts that was fun

- more random encounters

- More choices of food at restaruants

- food having a actual role in the game.....

- be able to do alliances with other gangs

- more friend activitys

- a repelling system so you dont have to always use stairs especally if a  target is fleeing from street level and you are on the 18 floor you must have a rope in your inventory to use repell

- very very very small feature but be able to sit down on chairs and couchs

- be able to fly around places like in san andreas

- more girlfriends

- being able to offroad

- being able to smuggle stuff that is iilegal assault rifles,explosives, and drugs

- not pulling a RPG from your jacket.... and being able to put guns,drugs and even people in your trunk

- more foot chases

- being able to tackle people in foot chases instead of generic cornering them

- more friend activitys it gets boring just being able to go to the show, strip club or go get drunk in the bar i want to hit the gym with brucie or smoke a blunt with little jacob damn it!

- being able to duck in your car when taking fire when driving cant tell you how many times i died because someone shot me through the window

- your car not dissapearing after you walk a block then comeback ( it gets fin annoying when you park your car to go do a mission and it dissapears )

- your car automaticly goes to your garage if it is not used in a mission

- a better climbing system

- being able to kickdown doors

- more parkour element the only time you do semi parkour is in ivan the not so terrible

- be able to get drunk without your friends or girlfriends

- being able to talk either positive or negative like in gta sa

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this is easy: I want this game to be lived in a state like san andreas and NOT just a city. meaning i want vegas and frisco returning in this game!!! I want to visit inside and shop in malls just like we did in vice city. I want to visit inside of airports just like vice city. and be able to purchase tickets and fly away like we did in san andreas. I want cameos from cj and hopefully the guy from vice city cause his appearance is long overdue and he's in popular demand. to go inside of more buildings and stores as we did in past games.
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Give me wheelstands for the Dukes (assuming it's still in) and I'll be one f***ing (apologies) camper.

This would be me T~T

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To be able to break/go into any building and rob the place if you want or be able to have a shootout with the police while hiding in a random building
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-More focus on gun combat/better cover system than in IV, maybe even a simplified bullett time.

-Massive car custimization with a decent drag/drift minigame. 

-Smarter cops, actually improved AI altogether.

-Definitly better fight club or fighting mechanic in general. 

Basically just improvements on what has been done before as these are just areas i hope they focus on more than others.

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Bring rampages back as was in GTA III and vice city
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How about throwing in some good old T.V./movie cars used back in the day, or the ability to slide across the hood of the car, Calling a limo would be great for a date. If you are at a safe house with a friend, be able to call for a pizza to get your health up, from an all night bender.
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How about throwing in some good old T.V./movie cars! Calling a limo for a date would be great. How about being able to slid across the hood of cars?
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Bring RC missions back.


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most realistic graphics Improved gunplay very, very long story. lots of side missions lots of new cars, most of old new guns, customizable. suppressors, laser sights, etc. Bigfoots ability to do heists outside of story realistic gun physics, animations realistic kills, car damage property ownership, ability to customize rare, hard to find weapons underworld market. buy or sell drugs, weapons, cars safehouses ranging from mansions to tents lol 2012 release date lots of easter eggs customizable cars intelligent cops. dogs, riotgear, flashbangs, etc. activities, rock climbing, races, ability to be a cop, arrest people, pull people over, give tickets. Like LCPD first response mod for gta 4 lots, lots more
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intelligent cops, intelligent peoples

realistic wounding enemies, wich means thay hit a shot that damage and ramain there, much like the RdR and MP3

more crime in the streets by civilians and other gangs

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The OP listed a lot of what I want to see in GTA V. But there are a couple other things I want to add.

- Derby challenges at the stadiums.

- Dual wielding pistols and submachine guns.

- More melee weapons.

- The ability to create your own hit-squad, and customize their looks, skills, weapons, equipment, and abilities, and coordinate them during missions to give you an oppurtunity to bush-wack your pursuers, or to simply come to your aid.

- Getting married and having your own kid(s). lol [why not?]

- Surfing. [would be cool]

- Casinos. Nothing like dropping a $100,000 on the table and losing it in seconds to remind you how boss you are.

- Ninjas. [jk]

- More focus on making decisions to further your gang's/squad's influence and define their destiny, and yours.

- More ways to spend money. Buying property that isn't a front would be a nice way of making legit money, I guess. Bribing cops and officials could be useful for keeping cops out of a certain situation or off your back for a while so you can complete a mission unhindered by them. Also, giving payment to allied gangs might strengthen your alliance and cause them to come to your aid more often. And lastly, being able to buy things from the mall and such to customize your 'cribs'.

- The ability to converse with normal and random people. Sometimes I would just like to be able to talk to people in the world to remind myself I'm part of a society. Same thing goes for friends.

- The ability to make your character reply with one of multiple answers during cutscenes, thus shaping the way the world and everyone around you see and regard your character.

- Wildlife. Would be cool to smoke a bear in the woods or a stab a shark with a bowie knife. Also, realistic.

- The ability to get high off marijuana. [lol jk]

- Online Co-op missions. Sometimes the best online gameplay is experienced between just two players. Maybe three. There's a sense of intimacy when you're killing bad guys together.

- Taking people hostage. Could come in handy when trying to make your way to a car without getting shot by some fat bald cop. No offense to those brave men in blue. I respect their bravery.

- Dressing up like the Joker. I would really like to do this in the game, lol. "Let's put a smile on that face!"

- Sliding over the front or the back of a car to take cover. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to do this and instead had to suffer getting shot by a bunch of over-weight goombas.

- Bring back the mini-gun and flame-thrower!

- Armor-piercing rounds.

- Customizing motorcycles, boats, AND planes [would be sweet].

- Would be cool to see buildings actually fall apart from explosions and such.

- I want to be able to go into a lot more buildings and discover the people in Los Santos do more than just walk around, buy and sell drugs, and talk on their cell phones.

- Would be cool to actually be able to see the celebrities that are talked about on the radio and shown on the billboards. Of course, killing them would result in a slightly altered ending, I guess.

And that's pretty much it. There's probably a lot of little things that could be mentioned within the things I mentioned, but, it's not worth mentioning.

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my wishes for gta v : 1. longer day time 2. ability to record gameplay , and view slowmotion replay in 360 degree 3. amazing car damages 4. more missions 5. more cars 6. more realistics human behaviors, comments,emotions 7. more environments sound
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A GTA set in Chicago would be nice for once... or have Chicago, LA, and NYC all in one game...

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People have mentioned bullet time... I think that its a realistic wish. What about the 'dead eye' feature from Red Dead Redemption? Surely they could pluck it straight out of RDR? It would take some of the development out of the character if he was a master sharpshooter right from the start so this idea leads nicely in to a weapon skill system - once you get to a certain level you unlock the 'dead eye' feature.

My wishes for GTA V are simple really; bring back all of the role playing elements developed from VC and SA that they unfairly stripped away from us in GTA IV. Planes too!

I want the property buying function, each with garages (it may sound incredibly sad but outside of missions I loved exploring and one thing I really enjoyed in SA was to get cars; modify them and fill up the garages from all of my properties so they had awesome cars ready if I needed them). Then also businesses to collect money from (VC style) with garages themselves. This could mean having a factory in an industrial area with a huge garage able to store trucks and tanks (bring the military back!).

I really hate the spawning issues. The fact you'd leave your car to start a mission then your car would be gone. I also hate how you spend ages trying to find a rare car then as soon as you get in one it makes 100s more spawn everywhere.

There could be 'car ownership' - again similar to Red Dead with Horses. Here's my take on this: You steal a car then take it to a registration garage of sorts (or just park it in your garage like Hitching a horse). The car then becomes yours. When you leave this car and it 'despawns' you press Up on the D-Pad (like Red Dead) and an unlock 'blip' sound happens and your car spawns (not neccessarily in front of you but round the block or at the nearest road if you are on a beach etc). Once the car gets destroyed it no longer spawns. I'm not sure how this would work with having multiple cars in your garage but maybe you could select a car as you get in it at your garage to choose which one appears when you press the D pad.

Just more RP elements please so that the city/state doesn't feel completely lifeless once you complete the story.

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Animals- fox, cougar, bears, bigfoot hell yea
medical marijuana, other drugs and you can become an addict or dealer
sharks, barracuda
Be able to do home invasions and robberies non mission.

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I would like to have the game start with all 3 main characters meeting in prison. It would be good to see them starting riots, Smuggling drugs and attacking inmates with knives and after doing 10 - 15 missions there being released. I would like the part of the game centered around Franklin to show him running a drug empire. When he is released from prison he could move back into his old neighborhood into a bedsit and start by selling hash to his friends. He then begins selling cocaine at a Nightclub in Vinewood. This could incorporate the fighting system and a stealth system into the game. For example, a bouncer is trying to move you out of the club you can either fight him with a realistic damage system using objects such as bottles to take your opponents down. on the other hand you could also try bribing him or lead him to the toilets where you can crack his skull on the counter. Eventually a Cocaine kingpin asks Franklin to watch over the streets for him in Exchange for 15 % of the profit. At this point he begins to earn around 10 - 15,000 dollars a day and buys a Condo in Rockford Hills ( a in-game feature where you can buy furniture would be appreciated) as well as the in game version of a Aston martin DB9. when Franklin brings the Kingpin his money for the 20th time or so there are police waiting as it is revealed he is an informant. Franklin uses the stealth system to get past the police and into the building and uses a kilogram of cocaine as a hammer and beats the informant to death. Franklin then has the choice to either take the in-game version of a Audi R8 or a 1968 shelby GT500 KR. As he now has control of the city's cocaine market he travels to Bolivia to meet a supplier. He then says that he wants 10,000 kilograms of cocaine a month but for now only has 400,000 dollars to give him. The supplier gives him 100 keys of cocaine which Franklin sells for 900,000 dollars. He slowly becomes more and more powerful until he can buy the full 40,000,000 dollars amount and sell it for 90,000,000. Now a crime lord Franklin also buys a Penthouse, A superyatch , a stretch of desert and a lakeside mansion. He also now owns a Lamborghini, A 1963 Ferrari lusso, A collection of dirt bikes and qaud bikes even though he is generally Driven in a black Rolls royce Wraith or travels by helicopter. He now wears a Black suit with a white mink hat and coat and carries suppressed 9mm pistols. At this point he bribes officials and the police daily and has to avoid the press. In the part of the game covering Michael I would like to see him be released from prison to find his daughter missing and his son a drunk. At first he helps his son by beating up a gang selling him cheap stolen liquor and then cleaning him up. They then Search for his daughter and find her being forced into work by a Aged CJ who is now a pimp and they both beat him to death. Micheal then kicks his wife out of their Mansion and burns her clothes. He then takes a stashed 100,000 dollars and buys a Rundown nightclub called smalls. He renovates it by hiring bouncers that can survive a beatdown, refusing to pay protection money and stabbing a drug dealer. With the club now earning him 30,000 dollars a week he asks Franklin to help him by putting 2 dealers in his club in exchange for 25 % of the profit. With the extra money he can now pay to run a seedy bar in the desert which also serves as a meth lab. This means he is now earning 200,000 dollars a week. With this money he saves anything he doesn't and after 6 months he buys a 35 % share in the nightclub pLace which is a favorite club of many celebrities. He befriends the owner ,Roman Bellic, who asks him to manage security which means he is now earning 1,000,000 dollars a week. With this money he buys shares in every major club in the city and opens 3 more of his own ; a jazz-bar and Greenhouse for hash, A pool hall and bar in the industrial part of town and a Luxurious nightclub floating in the sea on a yatch. All of these businesses earn him 9,000,000 dollars a month. With this he buys a ranch where he breeds racehorses a Range of Jaguar sport cars, A mobile home and a Lincoln limousine. He also lives in a large industrial loft by the beach. I have no Idea what they could do with Trevor.