GTA V Pre-Order for PC !? Is it real guys ?

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Hey guys so I was buying a game and just searched for GTA V and look what I found !

Now before you say something. Its 100% not for Xbox or PS3\4 why? cause this shop only sells Xbox live gold and Microsoft points and for PS3\4 only a PSN card. so it's 100% for pc + it got a price tag !

second thing G2A is a known shop with a good name - large facebook page (80k) and support team. A trusted company ! so I'm like so excited right now xD

what do you think?

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They (and by they I don't mean these guys specifically) alllllllllllllllways do that, honestly its just to pull traffic to them.

You think R* went ahead and phone them to start taking pre orders? You can never trust this kind of stuff, ever.