Cool Anticpative Review

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I feel like ill be able to kick back and chill as i play this GTA which is exciting, i dont even know which character i'll be using but all of them seem calmer and cooler, Nico was crazy, that intense you know? Organised crime is easier to watch than a suprisingly beautifully sad immigrant story besides its new and the trailer was so damn cool. Maybe when your playing the graphics are going to do more for you as you progress through the story that's an improvement i expect, more places to go or accidently go. It's nice to walk away from a video game feeling alright and im sure this script is so boss, the whole Dad thing is a splendid arrival so i hope its all well decent. THANKYOU ROCKSTARR!!!
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Trevor is the farthest thing from calm you can get

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It's not that Nico wasn't calm, it's that New York City is INSTENSE! and Roman kept getting into trouble.


CONFIRMED for GTA V: Bong hits and drum circles.