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The Legendary Hustler's Est. Oct. 17 2013 are seeking to recruit loyal & active members to our crew on PS4. We consider ourselves a GTA family and we know the difference between success and failure as a great team. Working together, our members help each other in need, helps build rank and make bank as a growing empire we strive to promote our strongest members through the crew ranks.

You can check out our official website here

You can also check us out on Facebook @LegendaryHustlersGTA


-You must have your Social Club account linked with your PSN & it must be visible so We know who you are(this is so you dont accidently get kicked from the crew also helps for when its your turn for a promotion)

-Mics are not required but appreciated

-Members must regularly get on gta especially if you want to be considered for promotion

- Members who are considered for a promotion must not be a part of any other crews. If you are apart of another crew but would like to join you will remain a muscle

-Must be focused & serious when apart of a heist or any type of job (nobody likes to keep repeating the same thing because of failure)

-No killing crew members (messing around is 1 thing as long as all who are involved are ok with it) if you are having a problem with another member leave the lobby & let crew management know.

-If a fellow member is having a problem with people in a lobby & you are on the game join & help

-Crew tattoo is required once you can get it(we will help you get the money for it if needed just ask)

-Crew colors are not required to be worn unless instructed by crew management(if crew management has said put colors on it must be a red top with the crew emblem on it & no mask but glasses & hats are ok)

-If a crew meeting is called & you are online you are required to join possible demotion or kick if you dont(crew colors are required at meeting)

If your interested in joining please go to Http:// & take a few minutes to register & fill out the form once we receive ur application some1 from crew management will contact u on PSN (usually within a day.)