User Rating: 7.7 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2
This is a Huge step up from Vice City...But how hard can it be to improve those **** graphics. The world is enourmous... Too big in fact, it takes waaayyyy, to long to get from one place to another, some places arent even that interesting such as the hill billy places out in the country. They seem like they were just thrown into the game. One of my favourite parts of the game is the option of learning a fighting style, martial arts for example. I love martial arts so it was very cool to be able to fight cops with martial arts then hop on my ghetto bike and ride away. Also the jets are very cool, you can sky dive out of, but it gets old after a while. Also this is a very BLCK game. I mean no offense or racism, but this game is extremely... coloured....So most white folk might be too much of a cracker to understand it. DEFINATLY NOT FOR UNDER 17 YRS. OF AGE!!!!!!!!!!!