Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Ps2 was an awesome game that was worth the wait and it could be the best in the series.

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2
Carl Johnson a.k.a C.J, returns home from Liberty City (the city from Grand Theft Auto III) but his homecoming was not pleasant. The reason why he came to La's Santos is because his mom got shot. While he comes inside his mother's house one of his friends almost tries to him with a bat, but he quickly recognizes C.J from his childhood and then C.J meets up with the rest of his childhood friends and his sister. Now it's up to C.J to kill the people who murdered his mother.

Game play:
San Andrea's is a city that's bigger than the cities in Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City. You play as C.J and do missions just like in the previous G.T.A games. Also some new additions like Designing C.J and some other cool stuff. Also, for the first time in the 3d G.T.A. games, there's a two player mode which is another really cool feature to add.

Just like previous G.T.A games it has nice character models and the game design is well built.

Music and Sound:
Music soundtrack is great but needs to be a tiny bit better. Sound effects are great as well.

Joystick for moving C.J around. Square for jumping and backwards (when you're in a car). X for forward (when you're in the car).

Lasting Appeal:
It was worth waiting for this game and it could possibly be the best game in the series. It's definitely one of PlayStation 2's best games. 10 out of 10.