Best Game Ever???

User Rating: 9.7 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2
I just have to be very honest with everyone who is thinking about purchasing this game.....Please don't even hesitate to get it. I only stood in line yesterday for about 15min. to get the game but now that I have it, I would have stayed much longer in line. I have all of the previous releases from Rockstar and I must say that they still were able to step it up with this release. The map is so huge that I found myself actually getting lost on the map. The driving takes a lot of time to get used to because of the space but it actually feels so real. I started playing the game about 8:00pm and could'n put it down until 1:00am. I only ended up doing maybe 2 missions in all but just crusing and getting tattoes and playing pool just did for me. This is a must have Playstation 2 classic NO DOUBT><