An extremely good game, but very far from perfection.

User Rating: 8.9 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas XBOX
Rockstar has added never stop adding fuel to fire of gaming goodness and politics. And they do not stop in the newest game of the series. This one in my oppinion has the best graphics, and the most features of any Grand Theft Auto game to date. Some haters might argue about the blockly character models and the slightly framerate drop sometimes, but they dont understand how large this game is! I would imagine that there is little to no disk space left.

To any action-adventure, RPG, or violent videogame fans this is literally one of the biggest Sandboxes to play in. Car Modding, Minigames, Gang Wars, Assets, Weapon-Collecting, Train Driving, and Car Hoarding are just a few features of this game. Not to mention the lengthy single player which will keep you busy for +30 plus hours, and maybe even +50 plus depending if you are striving for that 100% completion mark. The story (I wont go into much detail) is good and interesting with about 100 missions in the main game itself.

But after all the good, come all the bad. The radio stations, although good, are strangely not up to par with the soundtracks of Vice City. The graphics although I said are good, will not win much awards for itself (but as a mentioned they are completly excuseable for the HUGE size of this game). But one thing really, really, really bugs me. THE CONTROLS! What were they smoking while doing the controls for the Xbox? Here this: the black and white buttons are used in replacements for having no L2 and R2 buttons! You have to contort your finger like a gymnast to do a decent drive-by. But in the end, you only drive-by when it is an absolute must.

This game although the shortcomings is a really good game. The black and white buttons are improved witht the Xbox 360, but if you have a standard Xbox they can be forgiveable making this a game you dont want to miss!