Vinewood is bigga and betta than HollyWood.

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC
What can I say? If there is one game franchise in the world ending up in the news for good and bad reasons and is the basis for comparative study with other games is GTA. Even we find our parents compare it with other games like… “This is just like GTA but...” Grand Theft Auto III revolutionized game play back in 2001 with free roaming around in a city which reflected modern time New York City with production values never before in a video game. Then vice city (follow up to GTA III) had a difficult task to up the standards of its predecessor and it definitely did. With a switch back in time to the 80s with everything from clothes to music. It had a greater number of licensed music tracks and great voice acting in radios and in the game. The story was much better than GTA Iain’s linear one. So what does San Andreas done? It went with the motto “Bigga is betta”. Rockstar kept its tradition and created a even more high quality game dubbed GTA San Andreas which not only depicts 1 city, but an entire state!. It is about 6 times larger than Vice City and its story is 3 times longer, not to mention the licensed music of the hip-hop era. With GTA San Andreas, Rockstar approached the game as “if aint broken don’t fix it approach”. Because undoubtedly, no one can master the GTA formula as well as these guys. You still get to choose which mission you would go for first and in any order (if you meet the requirements). So whats different apart from an entire state of wild action? A food system what else! That’s right, don’t be scared as it is only s small apart of the game. You need to eat once in a week in-game time to keep up the energy, eat too less and you will be skinny, eat more and you will be fat and have a heart attack, so its imp to find a right balance in it but it shouldn’t be any problem. You also get to exercise and learn new moves with the games much deeper combat mechanics than previous franchises. You can customize your character with clothes, tattoos and even haircuts. There are also lots of new vehicles in the game and unlike vice city... airplanes play a much bigger role and are the transportation of choice in San Andreas. So what the difference between the PS2 and the PC. The PC version has much greater draw distance and much less loading time then the PS2 version. The PC version also supports antialiasing and high resolution textures which add even more visual impact to an already impressive game. Though the game falls about 2 years back in technical quality perspective, but the design of the entire game is top-notch which is the thing that counts the most. The sound would have gotten 10 easily if only minor problems didn’t occur in the game like missing sound effects. Though you can easily fix it by going to the control panel> Sounds and Audio Devices> under speaker settings click Advanced>Performance and make the slider to the basic. Overall it’s a great game!! I never felt this addicted in my entire life! And don’t forget the modding community of GTA. They will surely keep us entertained for the next few years until the next GTA comes.