All you can say is WOW.

User Rating: 9.8 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC
This is by far, the best in the series. The slight RPG style stat system is the perfect addition that really sends this game soaring. The packaging is real original and unique as well. The game is just simply awesome. Let's get down to business: Gameplay: Just like GTAIII and VC, you have the third person perspective of CJ and you go around kicking butt. The first few missions act as a tutorial to get you used to the controls, and introduce the characters you will be encountering. There were some nice little touches to this game that i thought really added to the immersion of the game. When the NPC pedestrians talk to you, you can give a negative or positive reply. I thought that was very clever. Also with the get fat and get skinny and so forth of the stat system works really nicely into the gameplay. Also its cool that any vehicle can be used now, along with swimming, and climbing fences. The game play in short is perfect however, within the first hour or so I was playing the game. I had an instance where the game would act as their was no mouse attached. After going to the menu, moving the mouse a bit it would then respond in game. It hasn't happened sense, so i could have been one of my background apps that caused it so I am not going to blame the game yet, unless it happens tonight when I close all my background apps. Graphics: Just like the GTAIII and the VC graphics, however they are a little smoother, and cleaner, the blocky hands are still their but the facial expressions are getting better and better each time out. The weapons are the best looking yet and the building are awesomely done, the town looks real (can't wait to get to the countryside) Sound: The sound is awesome, the dialog is hardcore gangster movie, and the music to me really sets teh setting for the time period. Yeah they did choose some off the wall music, but the DJ's really make it worth it. The gun fire sounds a little flat but its forgivable and tolerable, so far i have expierenced 4 of the several weapons, and each one although flat is distinguishable, and clear. Value: So far its awesome, i can see lots of replay value, simply because of the open ended game play, and the shear volume of stuff to complete. easily to get all the missions, side missions, and hidden stuff to get the 100% completion its going to take a long time. Which is something I like. Tilt: Because I am partial to the series, i am going to really tilt my score, and also because the games dialog just rocks.