Favorite Game

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2
This is the most fun game I have ever played. Not just out of GTA games but, really my favorite. This is a game that can keep you going for Days, Weeks, Months, and maybe even Years. It starts off with you as Carl Johnson. You have just come back from the Liberty City (City from GTA 3) and your mom was murdered. On your way back you find your friends have gone down bad trails of no return and Gangs are fighting for all different Territory. Now you are on a mission to find out who killed your mom, what happened to your friends, and who is behind it all. This game Takes you all of San Andreas. There is Los Santos, San Fiero, and Los Ventures. That is the order you go through them by the way. You can do whatever you want on the way. Steal all types of vehicles (Best part is you can customize them.), Kill people, Rob houses and stores, and Customize your guy any way you please. Tons of different outfits to throw together. Welcome to San Andreas. Enjoy your Stay.