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User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2
Haha i cant believe i didnt review this till now. GTA is a free roaming game which means you are pretty much free to do whatever the hell you want to do. There is an overall story and its broken down into missions but you dont even have to complete them to have a ton of fun. You can go from cop killing rampages with gatling guns, bazooka's, and ak47's to an Ambulance driver, to a taxi cab driver, to a pimp. SA had alot of new features like airplanes, haircuts, clothes, tatoo's, hunger, and muscles. The environment is HUGE and there is no loading in between. The game is very violent and uses very bad language including racists langauge and those are why it gets bashed so often. The language thing isnt really needed but i have no problem with the violence. Normal non crazy people can tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

If you own a ps2-3 You have to own or at the very very least play GTA games and SA is no exception. I rarely play through games multiple times because i usually rent stuff and there are usually always new games to play but whenever i get bored with new games or other games that dont end I really enjoy playing GTA:SA over and over. I've beaten it twice already and am on a 3rd playthrough. I've probably totalled well over 200 hours on it so far. I usually dont even try to complete the missions I just run around and cause carnage. See how high I can get my warrant level before ditching the cops with a pay n spray or cruise on vigilante missions or hunt down drug dealers to see how much money i can make. Its amazing what GTA started out as and where it is now and where its going in the future. It is a very unique, innovate and classic series.