One of the greatest game ever made!

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2

Warning: Spoilers

San Andreas is one of the biggest and the most vicious game ever made. It is extremely wicked in every way. Rockstar surely rocks with games like these!

San has one of the largest atmosphere in any game. It is massive, be it the area or the content. It successfully weaves a great story, that actually has a good plot. It is as cruel as Vice City and is more gruesome in some fields.

I don't know how to start my praises for the game. I'll number it down: 1) San Andreas is so massive. It is so good to see that Rockstar has researched a lot before making this game. Be it the gradual changes in the atmosphere as you proceed from one area to the other or the complete variation as you proceed so that you don't get dull watching the same buildings, etc around.

2) Missions are long and very exciting. There are unbelievably fun to play. I especially like the idea of trip skip in some of the missions.

3) The lock on mode in gun firing is easy even though it has its flaws. Plus, you have level showing the amount of live left in the foes. Therefore, its easy to know how many more bullets have to be inserted into him.

4) There is so much to do in the game, be it firefighting,pimping, shaking your legs on the dance floor, wrong doings etc. I loved the idea of the gym and more variations in clothing. The idea of gaining respect too is very innovative.

5) Gangs are an integral part of the game. Its so good that it has changed from its previous games and introduced gang wars. It can be a pain in the backside sometimes but at least something good for a change.

6) The characters are so different from one another. Be it the calm yet deadly Woozi or the hippie Truth. Samuel Jackson portrays the voice of Tenpenny with ease.

7) There are so many vehicles included in the game. The idea of jet pack for long distant travels is marvelous. It is so wise of Rockstar to have included tractors and combined in the countryside.

8) The characters still are merciless at whatever they do. You have a wide array of weapons to choose from. The mini-gun and the heat seeking launcher are so brutal yet so much fun to use that you don't care is the person whom you are annihilating is a police or a ninety year old lady.

9) The idea of improving weapon skill is so inventive and distinct from the other games, where your weapons would show know change even after you have shot thousands of people.

10) dating is unimportant yet a good pastime if you are not in a mood to do anything. Gyms too are good to visit when you are tired of shooting ang blowing up vehicles.

Like every other game, San too has its cons: 1) Some of the cut-scenes are dull. After a while, I got a bit bugged because of the gangsta feeling when Sweet and CJ conversed. Some times, the amount of profanity increases and you feel as if its a bit too much, not needed and just inserted to make the game more controversial.

2) The lock on system has its flaws too. Sometimes you feel on the Ps2 that you can be easily targeted due to this system. For example, on the PC, it is much easier to bring down enemies by targeting their heads. On the Ps2, unless you are to a close proximity to the enemy, it is hard to gun them down quickly.

3) The air school was thoroughly irritating, so were all of the flying missions. Its good that there are no planes in GTA4.

4) I really wished that the health bar was removed and the Vice City way of showing you health through numbers was brought back. I found it easy to find out how much health I had because in the bar, the health suddenly drops down to zero.

5) I did not like the idea of traveling far distances to start a mission. I especially found it bugging whenever you travel a certain distance to start a mission, fail in it and have to travel from the hospital to that place again. Therefore, I did it the easier way of loading my previous save game. I liked the idea of starting a failed mission after getting wasted in GTA4. This shows that Rockstar improves on its errors.

Overall, as I had typed before, its one of the finest games ever made. 9 out of 10.