The GTA revolution finally reached the PSP, and it proved its worth.

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Greatest Hits) PSP
The Grand Theft Auto; Liberty City Stories on the PSP has made the system a hit! This game features are almost the same exact as in the PS2 and 3 systems. The features are;
-Graphics are great, but could be better.
-Story is interesting and makes sense.
-Weapon features are great, and can do the same things as in the GTA game for PS2.
The game is very fun for those who are looking for some gangster trouble on the PSP! In the game, you work for the mafia family, the Leones, after you have been escaped from the Law, you must fight your way through to gain respect, territory, and peace. In the game, even your own mom betrays you!!
You may find some mission very hard to complete, which is why the game does not deserve a perfect 10, but eventually you can find a different way to beat it. Even sometime, the wanted level can really bug you too, because when you get a 2-star, it is almost impossible to run away from it. But that's all the bad things about it, the rest of the game; FANTASTIC!! This game deserves a 9.8.