Not the best GTA game thats forsure

User Rating: 6.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories PS2
This game is pretty good at times but its just not the best Gta game in the series.
Dont get me wrong its not a bad game its just not a very fun one either.
I got this game yesterday and it just reminds me of GTA 3 more than a expansion game for the PSP.It feels like they just rushed this together rather than try to make it any different than GTA 3.Gta 3 was a fun game but if i wanted Gta 3 then i would buy Gta 3.This just wasnt any different from Gta 3 the only thing that wasnt the same was the story.Which was in the same Ballpark almost.You would think they would have worked out some cons from Gta 3 instead of add on to them they should have updated the graphics just alil bit just so you could tell that it wasnt the same thing.Actually have it to where you can get in airplanes and stuff.I mean this was released in 2006 a year after Gta:San Andreas and you could fly in San Andreas.So why not make the change to where you could fly in this game?.Its like they didnt try to juice it up at all they just left the gameplay the same and the graphics the same.The story cutscenes were not even interesting at all.And normally Gta does a good job with the stories in their series but not this time.The missions are way to short to be a PS2 game i can understand for the PSP because its a portable system but in honesty they should have used the PSP's exact same version they shoud have did some different things.But they didnt all in all for 20 bucks new and 11.99 used you cant really beat that bargain bin price but the game just didnt change enough from GTA3 to me