PSPs first attempt of a GTA game. Could have been better.

User Rating: 8 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Greatest Hits) PSP
I was never really into the whole GTA experience. I had heard rumors and bits and pieces about it, but never enough to want to go get a game. I am a hand held gamer first and foremost so that may explain it. I did not get interested in GTA until GTA Chinatown Wars was announced on the other hand held. I went out and picked up GTA Liberty City to finally see what it was all about. The game is fun to play, there are many funny moments in the game as well. You have a detailed city based on New York City that you roam around in. You have the ability to perform different crimes, such as car jacking, murder, assault, destroying property etc etc. While roaming the city you meet different characters and do odd/crime related jobs for them. I personally did not like the story. The story is based on the whole Italian Mafia thing, but there are a few characters that are mentioned, but are barely shown in the game, leaving plot holes and things you may have missed if not paying full attention. Another major grip for me was the soundtrack. During the 90s pop music was....well lets just say 90s pop music is being made fun of a lot in this game. The hip hop station seems to be the only station with solid music on it. If you are a portable gamer like me, then this is cool game to have in your collection. It is a long game and well worth the price. You could play this game for 3 months, put it down for 3 months and then come back to it and it will still be a fun game to play.