makes no point

User Rating: 6.3 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories PS2
when gta3 came out it was the game of all games.real things with a lot of fun in a weird way.a year later vc-a game that is just perfect. two years later sa-a test game to tell us what will come in the future with a top rate,but liberty city stories is not that thing.this game was made from a company that is always on the top with one not gonna tell you that the graphics are bad,that the motion is not good, gonna tell you that this game is just a psp game which it hade to stay.i hope that rockstar are not gonna keep this in the ps2/xbox and nintendo/universe.we know what will happen to lc,but the story is just gone to play as toni cipriani which we know from gta3-he was the guy that hated the seams that tonis been busy in 98.and another thing-the voice of toni-its not the voice of the toni we know from gta3.the game is great for its price but dont put it in tha gta universe.