Welcome back to Liberty City. B*tch.

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Greatest Hits) PSP
Grand Theft Auto makes its debut on the PSP, and it's exactly what it was cracked up to be: GTA on the PSP. But don't get me wrong, that's a good thing, because translating a game that's known to its huge open worlds to a handheld must be pretty damn hard. GTA: LCS, however, looks, plays and sounds just like it should. Comparing the game to San Andreas would be a bit harsh to me, it seems to me, but it can definetly compete to the graphical complexity of GTA III. The gameplay is rather unchanged and in my opinion, shooting people in the face with a gun twice their size hasn't grown any less fun.

The campaign is exactly like we're used from GTA: you weren't exactly the good boy all along, but in the game, a random event takes place that leads to other random events that lead to -- once again -- even more random events. And your life gets kind of f*cked up. In the way Al Pacino got f¨cked up in Scarface: you get so self-obsessed and blinded with power, that you just can't keep friend and enemy apart and whatever, you've seen Scarface! Except here, you don't die.
You're just the neighborhood drug dealer and you've got a huge emporium of your own.

So, as I said, all the production values are kept insanely high, even on a handheld, like we're used from Rockstar. So there's only a few graphical things that could've been a little better: the loading times take a while -- a big while, occasional clipping, screen tearing is no exception and we can go on like that. Nonetheless, GTA: LBS is one of the first open-world games on the PSP, and like we're used from Rockstar, it's also one of the best.

GRAPHICS: Production values are kept insanely high, and this handheld version of GTA looks at least as good as GTA III.

GAMEPLAY: Everything we're used to: an action-packed campaign, and shooting grannies in the face during free-roam hasn't grown any less fun.

SOUND & MUSIC: The game has many different radio channels, with music styles for each. The voice-acting is good, but the sound quality is a tad on the low side.

STORY: Some unfortunate stuff happens to you, and those events get you in the rollercoaster of your life. Once again: just like we're used to.

FINAL VERDICT: Rockstar translated its franchise directly to the PSP, with few flaws, and that's definetly a good thing. Rockstar delivered us a fine experience once again, and should be rewarded for that.