A great game for psp...

User Rating: 8.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Greatest Hits) PSP
Grand Theft Auto:Liberty City Storiesis a great game for psp,mainly because of those great graphics and those great sound effects,and also because of the awesome gameplay and cool story line.Here's one game that will not get you board,because it takes ages to complete it 100%,because you have to complete every single mission,and collect every single thing etc.Also the multiplayer on this game is cool because there are many modes like street racing etc.And all these modes make the multiplayer more fun,and more better.Also this game has many different cars,fast and slow one's.

Graphics:8.5/10:The graphics in this game were just great,and had made the game much more better as well.

Sound:8.5/10:The sound and music was the same as well,they had both made the game much more better as well.

Gameplay:8.5/10:The gameplay in this game was just great to.

Story line:8.5/10:The story line in this game was also really good.

Overall:8.5/10:This game is great,with great graphics and great sound,also with some awesome gameplay and a cool and story line.