Another great gta game but this time for the sony psp

User Rating: 8.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Greatest Hits) PSP

Once again you head back to the streets of liberty city but this time you play as an italian named Tony Cippriani. Gta liberty city stories is the prequel to the hit gta 3 that shook the world.


Gta liberty city stories is your typical gta game but thats it theres nothing in this game that adds anything new. The missions in gta liberty city stories are just as fun and exiting as they where in the previous gta games. There isn't much of a story like in gta 3 but the fun missions make up for this.


The radio stations in gta liberty city stories are also just as great as ever and there is also a custom tracks option.


The graphics in gta liberty city stories are okay but nothing to jump up and down about but the fact that you have the whole of liberty city in your hand is pretty good.

Closing comments:

Overall gta liberty city stories for the sony psp is a great addition to the grand theft auto series and is very fun to play. The story could have been alot better and there are a few bugs here and there but afterall its a psp not a ps2.