A good introduction to Grand Theft Auto for me and makes me want to try other games in the series

User Rating: 8.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Greatest Hits) PSP
This game is also a first for me as it's the first time I've ever bothered to play a modern Grand Theft Auto game. I was impressed with how the game played and I was really having some fun. I even got to do the oh so famous action of making out with a hooker in a car, then killing her and taking my money back. That fun I was having tapered off after I noticed the patterns the game falls into.

A bit muddy and low resolution, but when you take into account that the developers had a whole world to render with the PSP's graphical limitations, it's excuseable

Almost none. It has a very good intro theme song and that's about it. All other sounds come from the engine of your vehicle, tires squeeling, sirens wailing, random people shouting, yelling, and screaming.

Well placed and responsive. As long as you read the prompts and look at the instruction manual or the in game controls screen when your confused about how to do one thing or another, you won't have any problems.

You play as Toni Cipriani, a loyal goon to Salvatore Leone, a gang boss in Liberty City, after a 4 year hiatus laying low after killing a made man. You deal with everything from sexual deviants, corrupt politicians, other gangs and the ilk as you work to restore your reputation and keep your boss safe. At times you really do end up feeling sympathy for some of the more emotionally damaged characters in the game, even when they start out as pure sleazy people. Others you don't really care and you feel they get what they deserve.

The game revolves around a few basic acts: Get from A to B without dieing, kill this person, protect this person, destroy this property, and a deviation from the first one where you have to not take too much damage while in the car or it will explode. As you complete these tasks, more and more of Liberty City is made available to you to explore. There are one or two fun deviations like one part where your taking incriminating pictures of a sexual deviant to prove to your Ma that he's not the person she thinks he is. The main thing that this game does is repeat these basic tasks but make them harder to do as you proceed but make available new weapons at the weapon shops. Sometimes a weapon is required, other times they aren't, other times it seems you won't have any chance unless you take some heavy fire power and a bullet proof vest with you to work which will be a problem if you run out of money. If you collect enough of these "hand" symbols that are placed around the over world you will have new weaponry made available at each of your safe houses.

Though this isn't a racing game, all the vehicles manage to control very different from each other and shows how much thought was put into them. After a bit of play, you'll spot one car or bike in the road and choose not to jack it because you know it controls kind of horribly. Other times you won't really have a choice and will try to make due.

If you don't feel like doing the main quest, there are other things around for you to do, though you'll have to find them yourself as they aren't marked on the map anywhere. Steal a police car and become a vigilante. Steal an ambulance and rush people to the hospital. Go to a car/bike dealer ship and try to sell that car or bike by test driving it with the customer. Race bikes and cars in the street. You can even race RC cars around if you find it. I was told in an official review that there is a Pizza Delivery job in the game, but I've never found it. Though I should warn you, that most of those jobs and activities don't seem to have an end to them and they are just busy work to earn some extra money if the money you get from completing main quest objectives runs dry.

Even though the game does start to repeat itself and can get a bit annoying, it still manages to be fun and you'll want to play all the way to the end just to know that happens to Toni and the "interesting" people he meets up with.

Score: 8.5
A good introduction to the world of Grand Theft Auto for me and makes me want to try other games in the series.