For the first time ever, the PSP features a Grand Theft Auto title which is actually better than some had expected

User Rating: 8.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Greatest Hits) PSP
The PSP was released back in 2005 and people weren't expecting much from a portable system due to it's weak processor, they were expecting something similar to the Gameboy Advance except with 3D graphics and when they heard that a new GTA title was announced, they were expecting a crappy , top-down view game, but it was highly shocking that such a great game arrives just a few months after the release of the PSP, showcasing the power of the mighty PSP which still remains to be the best handheld system.

Liberty City Stories features Toni Cipriani (Remember him from GTA III?) and this time he's a lot...slimmer?

Anyway, he's back, this time the story taking place a few years before GTA 3 takes place, he is part of the mafia, working for Don Salvatore and his peers. You slowly work your way up to become a made man, building up respect from both the senior members, the public, your junior peers as well as the cops. You have the ability to freely explore GTA LCS, now improved in many ways compared to GTA III, the best thing is that the graphics are still in tact, detailed in sharp quality making a striking resemblance to the realistic Liberty City which was featured in GTA 3.

On the whole, the game allows you to free-roam just like any other GTA game. You can steal cars, beat people up to a pulp, shoot about, cause mayhem, pick up some girls for some fun, taxi missions, paramedic missions, police missions, drug trafficking as well as other notorious activities.

It's a great game with lovely graphics, superb voice acting and a great in-game radio with nice humour and great songs from the 90s.

The character models look all chunky and blocky but by no chance are they ugly. The cars are all nice and detailed, really a joy to ride 'em.

The mission variety is great, different types of quests such as having to butcher a fat guy, rip his skin off and sell the "meat" to a local cafe. Nice and gory, just the way a mafia-style game should be.

All of Liberty City is included but you would lose interest in it as soon as you have left the first island since the landscape seems to be exactly the same of the GTA III Liberty City so you know what to find. Apart from that great game with cool weapons to use and a lot of mayhem to be caused.

This game is fun and certainly is a must-get.