Its GTA in the palm of your hands,what more can you ask for? Editors choice

User Rating: 8.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Greatest Hits) PSP
The Good:Captures the look and the feel of GTA.Liberty city in the palm of your hands. can be really fun.

The Bad:almost unstable framerate.Can be really hard and almost impossible to go to the next city.

Ahh,GTA, the game we come to know and love has finely made it to the PSP(well it came 4 yrs ago)Now you can take Liberty city on the go .

And its amazing how liberty city stories captures the look and feel of the console games. The city its self is from GTA3,most of the stuff you can do(get outfits and jumping out of cars,and riding bikes)comes from vice city,and the combat comes from sanandreas.

This game can be really fun but funner if the difficulty wasnt so punishing, lets say you start a mission and you have to kill a gang,sometimes the will gang up on you making it impossible to leave and sometimes they will hit you at the same time leaving you with an instant death and the unstable frame rate doesnt help in this case.

dispite that your getting a really great game here i mean come on,Its GTA in the palm of your hands,what more can you ask for?