If it weren't boring, this would be a great-er game.

User Rating: 8 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Greatest Hits) PSP
It still gets an 8. Because virtually doing whatever the ____ you want is awesome. Heres my list:

Pros and Cons combined:
*Free Roam - You can do whatever you want. Although there are a few places you can't go into
* It's so free roam that when you travel too fast you will end up crashing into something that you didn't see there before
* Lol there's only one stripper and she's not a very good one
* Story mode really really sucks. And I hate the cheesy characters
* Its boring, I sold it to a friend. There wasn't very much for me to do anymore in the game. Messing around with stupid civilians that try running into walls eventually gets boring.
* O.o There's a cool glitch when you get into white car drive really fast and crash! It turns the screen into a bunch of stripes, like paint!
* Plenty of cheats
* The cops are stupid but then again I would hate getting arrested too often
* Blood! (Pro or Con, You decide)
* Tank!
* Plane
* There are a few mini games ( I guess u can call them that ) that are fun. For example the shooting range ( i think thats what its called) There's one where u have to fly through hoops... of smoke?
* Garage sometimes doesn't work

Anyway, its pretty much only fun, if u bother passing the missions ( which i didn't) but i see no point since it is frustrating without cheats, and the storyline is so .... Yuk