Another Grand Theft Auto that I really enjoyed, I enjoyed it just as much as I did the others.

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories PS2
Grand Theft Auto is back once again with Liberty City Stories, it's nothing big like GTA 3, Vice City or even San Andreas. But it's just like it's big brothers, fun and really addicting, it basically shows you what happened in Liberty City before what took place in GTA 3.

The story puts you in the shoes of Toni Cipriani, if you've been a fan of GTA for a while now you might think the name sounds familiar, well it is. Toni has been hiding out and left Liberty City, because he put a made man to sleep for good. It's been three long years but now Toni's back. You'll be following him on his journey while he steps back into the family, a long the way you'll see some familiar faces most notably Salvatore Leone. You also start plenty of wars and finish them a long the way, you'll even have a hit put on you by your own mom. After going through all the corruption and killing people who you thought were friends and then foes, you'll become a made man, and then come out on top with Salvatore.

The gameplay is a lot of the same that we've all seen from the other games in the series, it's really no different. You still have all the cars you can steal, you have all the side missions with cops cars, fire trucks, and so on. This time around you don't have a many hang outs that you usually will see there's a lot less, all of the fabulous guns and weapons are at your disposal. One of the biggest changes you might see or notice is that there is now motorcycles included, while in GTA 3 they were banned and were not useable in Liberty City. But if your looking for airplanes or helicopters we'll you may once again be disappointed by this also, because you want find them. You still have the 3 islands we saw before Portland Island, Staunton Island, and Shoreside Vale, and it still isn't possible to swim, which isn't a big deal but does get frustrating sometimes if you wreak in the water, especially if it's during a mission.

The graphics is a big difference that you may notice if you've played the past games, especially GTAIV. They really don't compare at all everything in this category could have been a lot better on the PS2, but they decided not to change it. But with that being said don't think that I mean there awful because there not, to me graphics aren't a big deal. So if you're a person who loves seeing great graphics you may say that there bad. Like I've said plenty of times before they aren't the best but defiantly ain't the worse, but most will agree they should of at least updated them for the PS2. But then again like I said it should be a big problem for most people.

The sound well it's always been something about GTA that I've really liked. The voice acting is done great, and is something that you'll enjoy listing to when your watching the cut scenes. As far as the music is awesome just like it has always been. You got all the different types of radio stations you can listen to while you drive around Liberty City. My favorite being the one that plays rap, if you're a big fan of rap you should know or at least recognize most of it you'll hear. I got to say I was kind of surprised to hear Big Pun, I wasn't really expecting to hear a few of his songs, but I'm really pleased that they added them. Also you got Mobb Deep, Onyx, Method Man, Redman and so on. There was more that I had never heard before but found interesting and sometimes funny, overall it isn't the best soundtrack we've heard, but it really fits in the game in my opinion.

Overall Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is great it's so much fun, I didn't really find it any different than any of the other ones I've played in the series. They aren't on the same scale but they to me they don't have to be. There's a good couple of reasons on why you shouldn't pass on the game, first off it isn't expensive and that's a really good reason is your looking for something new and fun to play. And second if you've been a huge fan of Grand Theft Auto like me over the years then you'll love this one just as much as you did with the others.