Best game yet. Read my review to see why.

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto IV X360
Probably the biggest reason to delve into GTA IV is Liberty City itself. Nearly as large as the state of San Andreas and easily a hundred times more detailed, Grand Theft Auto IV's game world looks and feels like New York City. Everything, from the crowded, borough-specific traffic and self-absorbed passersby to the imposingly tall buildings, comes together to make the town convincingly like the real thing. More importantly, it's all crammed with cool secrets to discover, ranging from weapons, cars and pigeons (GTA IV's version of Hidden Packages) to random people on the street who'll approach you and ask for your help.

Its also absolutely huge, and not just in terms of raw acreage. This version of Liberty City is filled with vertical spaces and seamless building interiors to explore, and a lot of the cool stuff is hidden up on rooftops - if you can find a way to get up there. You will be able to climb ledges, ladders and fire escapes, so it's all a matter of knowing where to look.

Driving feels a lot different this time around; in many ways it's smoother, but more realistic handling (especially on the crappier, clunkier cars) also means it's a lot harder to brake or turn corners at high speeds.

Overall, this is a must buy game, and the best yet.