GTA IV Is The Best Yet

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto IV PS3
People who have played the series of GTA will know of its in's and outs. Previously, games of GTA have had always needed that extra push. By this I mean the ability to do something that we all want. GTA IV delivers everything that everyone wanted and expected.

Brand new moves, like volleying walls, gates and fences. The driving of cars, buses and motorbikes feel more real to life than ever before. In the previous games, driving such vehicles have always been a bit rubbish, with turning and mechanics so unrealistic. But now this has all changed. Also in games of the past, jumping has always been slightly ropey, but has now been improved tremendously.

As you will read in many reviews of this game, it is got to be the best in the series yet. Go out there and buy it now, or you will regret it.

To help you in your missions in the game, here is some cheats. To enter the cheats, first press up on your controller. This will display Niko's cell phone. Press up again to display the number pad. Now enter any of the following numbers to activate the specific cheat.

Lose Wanted Level: - 2675550150
Spawn Police Chopper - 3595550100
Full Health, Armor and Ammunition - 4825550100
Weapons Set 1 - 4865550100
Weapon Set 2 - 4865550150

If you get fed up with playing the main missions, then why not try this for a bit of fun. Start a riot with the police first, then injure several of the cops who are on to you. When this has been done, lower/lose your wanted level using the supplied cheat. Now, some people may not know that this is possible. On Niko's phone dial 911. You will reach an answering machine. You can now ask for ambulance, police or firesquad. With you attacking the police, call the ambulance. Please note, however, that upon the arrival of the paramedics, they will charge you $800. If you don't want to pay him, let him heal the cops then shoot the medic and you will receive all of your lost money!!!!