User Rating: 8.5 | Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony PS3
while the tlod focuses on the biker criminal world tbogt focuses on the high life of liberty city's finest (no not the cops) unlike tlod money is easy to come by in this game and so is luxury cars. (just would like to say that) anyway THE GOOD AND THE BAD TIME. ;)

THE GOOD: :) 12 total
#1 new weapons..and let me say they are pretty powerful. you also have the option of old weapons. but nah go with the new ones. XD oh and remote charges are the best edition by far (imo)

#2. radio stations have new songs (not gay euro pop btw!) arab money ftw.

#3 new vehicles: mostly boats and helicopters but some cars and sport bikes.

#4 the club scene is interesting at most..drunkeness and dancing is fun. OH! dancing drunk! (for the win)

#5 you have a friend who has an iq of 76 and the other a drug dealer funny moments ensure.

#6 new activites bring life into the game.basejumping and the LC fight club are great.

#7 new characters such as yusuf and rocco are a great addition to the already boiling pot of gta characters who are rememberable,

#8. luis is an interesting and dynamic character and it shows from the start,

#9. new websites,

#10. it connects to gta 4 and tlad so you won't be (totally) lost.

#11. same old liberty city,

#12. YOU CAN HAVE AN APC!!! (need i say more?)

THE BAD :( 10 total

#1. half of the activites have been cut and the ones they replaced them with are well less the sufficent..(example. air hockey.)

#2 you're only companions are iq of 76 boy and the drug head. (geez for being a body guard for gay tony you aren't around him much)

#3 you don't get to kill all of the A-holes..sadly. leaving you with some anger then denial..then possibly suicidal..then acceptance. lol nk, (go to the LCFC and you'll be fine)

#4 for some strange reason you see more AOD more often. watch your back

#5 you only get one safehouse meaning 1 tv DON'T SHOOT IT IF YOU GET ANGRY(save first then shoot i don't know if it repairs itself .)

#6 you can't buy clothes for luis but he can change clothes. eh

#7 in order to ride the stinger (fastest police car in the game and some other thing i forgot) you have to go online,not availble in sp.

#8. in order to get access to the new weapons you have to buy them from armando (the drug head) and he ain't cheap and he don't give "friend discounts" {like lil jacob.}(but that's what cheat codes are made for right?)

#9. putting time in at the club is boring because it's always drunkies,.and the same "have $ex with me during routine." >_> and if you don't they bug you about it constantly.(worse then roman o_o)

#10. 2 words evan moss. (if you've played it then you know who im talking about..if not let's just say a "friend" of gay tony..and tony wears the pants,


IT'S A GREAT GAME and if you enjoyed tlod and gta 4 then you will most likely enjoy this! im 90% sure of this.but just remember it's an add on so don't expect much,.thx for reading. :)