User Rating: 8.5 | Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned PS3

while tbogt focuses on glamour and high roller stuff and money easy to come by tlod focuses on the criminal biker underworld and it really shows and money is hard to come by.. GOOD AND THE BAD TIME,

THE GOOD :) 12 total
#1 new weapons, which add to the biker feeling, (shotgunsautomatic)

#2 beautiful story. (so beautiful you almost don't want it to end)

#3 it connects to the original game and it's expansion tbogt (plus Niko and Luis make a appearence.

#4 some radio stations have been updated, (to more shall i say angry music)
#5 new vehicles (mostly bikes which really add to the biker feeling)

#6 you have a gang to back you up in fights and such.

#7 no more random AOD spawning randomly they are only found in one area instead all the areas they are usually found in are replaced with lost or pedestrians..(yeah we all hate them.).

#8 all islands are unlocked from the start.

#9 johnny is a solid character and has an amazing background (similar to john marston from rdr which shouldn't be surprised considering it's made by the same company.)

#10 new gangs and characters added to the boiling pot make an amazing concoction.

#11. new websites!

#12 same old liberty city,

THE BAD :( 11 total

#1 in order to access the weapons you have to 1 beat half of the story and 2 PAY for them. and let me say they aren't cheap and terry doesn't give "president discounts".

#2 if you don't like death metal then you might not want to listen to lchc anymore..(lol i do :D)


#4 johhny can't change outfits..

#5 billy is an @sshole and you want to just "accidently" pull the trigger during the missions with him.

#6 sad ending.(not saying anymore,)

#7 in order to *ahem* aquire some new bikes you have to steal them from the AOD and they are hard to find considering they only spawn in one area,

#8 only 2 safehouses.

#9 half of the activites such as bowling or darts are gone and replaced with nothing new,

#10 the only people you can hang out with are jimmy,terry and clay.

#11 money is hard to come by and stubb's jobs that you can do (after the story missions) aren't exactly easy.*cough drive car and don't scratch it


well it's a good game the bad stuff isn't that's a really great game and if you love gta 4 or tbogt then you should like this..:) it's really showed gta 4's age and liberty city is same old same you haven't missed a thing.
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