A great game in a great series, but i just dont think its perfect.

User Rating: 8.5 | Grand Theft Auto IV X360
In a series loved by all the world over, this will stand out, as its set to break records. A great game, good graphics, great violence and fun missions, but seriously, does it define a new point in gaming other than setting people on fire. I think its great but is not perfect.

Its graphics are overall good with only very minor problems all around, which is great compared to some horrible things coming out at the moment, but admit it they arent perfect.

The controls are great, easy and quick to get used to, they are awesome so i guess they are perfect.

Gameplay: Fun and violent games are something everyone loves and is something people will want to play, but even then, with some games having just as good missions but getting bad reviews as they could be by a more underground developers mean that this game should be given 8 or 9 as its great but it ISNT perfect.

sound: Good sound, nice stuff rockstar games, its near perfect

So if you think about it you realise that its not "OMG its GREAT PERFECT 10,10,10,11!" but more "Yeah this is awesome, but look with only a few improvements from predessors it gets marked up thats for sure" But a ridiculous score like 10, just seems really overrated.