Definatly worth playing

User Rating: 8 | Grand Theft Auto IV X360
GTA IV is defiantly worth playing and I highly recommend buying this game especially now that the game sells brand new for around $20.
I ranked the game at Hard and 8.0 for mostly the same reason: Mission Failures.
Let me explain, failing missions is not my problem, and should be expected. However, just about every time you fail a mission you restart nowhere near the beginning of a selected mission. This is also coupled with the fact that you most likely have to go to the person to tell you about the mission then drive to it. This whole scenario took up more time than actual game play. It was not a good frustrating when failing a particularly long mission only to have to drive half way across Liberty City to start it again. This is normal to the GTA series and to be completely honest is tiring.
Other than that, the game is great! GTA defiantly is beautiful visually. The rendering is fantastic for an open world game. The amount of data and game that is crammed into one disk is shocking. Although Rockstar seems to know how to put the most data on a limited amount of space, ex. Chinatown Wars on the DS.