Rockstar made it again!A Perfect game!

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto IV PS3
Yeah,yeah this game is a 10 game.Lets start this review.The graphics.The graphics have never been so good in a game.This game,even 1 year later,have the best graphic for the PS3 yet in my opinion.The Euphoria works well,and its incredibly realistic.
The sound effects are great and the soundtrack is excellent,and the radios are good like ever.
The Gameplay is the best on the series yet.You can do many things looking real!!!!You can acess the computer on a lan house with a in-game internet with many sites!!You can do activities with your friend (in-game friends like Little Jacob and Roman) and driving a helicopter is so fun!
The online is the best on the PS3 yet.This game have a LOT of online option,like Deathmatch,Team Deathmatch,Race...and the special ones like Bomb da Base II and Hangman's NOOSE.
The story is exceptional great.Sucks you in!
One of the Best's game on the PS3 yet!If you have a PS3 and you dont have this game,you don't have a PS3!
I saw only one problem with this game.You can't drive a airplane like in Vice City and San Andreas!And i love driving airplanes!!!!!
But it's perfect!