Broken, broken, and what else? BROKEN.

User Rating: 4 | Grand Theft Auto IV PC
First of all, I loved the previous GTA games and therefore, I'm no hater. But I do take issue with certain individuals who say that it runs great, gave it a perfect score, and complain about people letting the game down. My response to them is if I had a bad ass computer that would make the game playable I wouldn't be complaining. SO many bugs I won't even mention. Other user reviews can attest to that. Also I stand by a user reviewer saying that review companies have gotten paid to give this sloppy port a high score DESPITE all the bugs. This is just ridiculous. How do you give a game a 9.0 when there has been so much uprising about the game being unplayable? Even steam users have gotten a refund and Game Spot gave this game a 9.0???????? Maybe after a few patches it will be perfect, but as it stands in the retail package you get from the store, not on your life. Other games had received a low score due to bugs, so why not this one? Oh wait, this is Game Spot we're talking's all about the money.