The Best Game I Ever Played

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto IV PS3
Picking up the game, i felt excited getting my hands on it. The hype for this game has been exponentially ridiculous. The gamers crave it, the kids wants to play it (even if they don't meet the age requirement to buy it), the parents hate it, some lawyers want to put the game in a grave, the censorship boards all have the easy job of putting it to a mature rating. I started playing it and man, i was blown away.

Basiclly i felt the game is actually a story and not a game. Just that we are living it. I was tempted to actually play it through without any hint from anybody. But when i noticed that it had some side mission that i had to complete in order for me to attain 100% completion, so had to resort to help from friends.

Playing on my own for the first time was a blast, because i didn't know what to expect from the game. Loving it, loving it. Felt like i was on Brucie juice with a hint on shark testosterone.

The game felt like i was living in a real world every time i turn on my PS3 and loading that disk. The graphics of this game is incredible. Ok so maybe take away the trees and the occasional graphic hiccup that i'm already use to playing the previous installment of GTA, you get a pretty awesome looking game compared to some games thats on the market within the same genre. The details that went into making the city as real as it gets is insane, i wonder how many months they spent on detailing every place in New York just to make it a miniture Liberty City.

The cars are just awesome, when it came to the No. 1 mission, the cars physics came in, its was a blast. I love it how they made the bike rides entertaining and educational. Yes, i said educational, with the bike ride, if you wait just a few seconds before riding off, Niko will put on a helmet and the damage taken during bike crashes nearly halves accoring to severity. Rockstar, how about doing something in the cars just like what you did for the bikes, maybe half the damage during the car accident if the player waits a few second and niko puts on the safety belt.

The weapons array was just like before, and its wasn't as easy to get the weapons as before, so searching for it was more satisfiying.

The characrters are great even to the pedestrian is a sight to watch them do abaout their business and suddenly things just happen, a robbery, accident, and comments they pass at you as you pass them by. The main character was great, but i still can't understand a thing Little Jacob and Badman are saying till today. Man, i wish they put translation instead of subtittle for those two.

Congrats Rockstar, Thank you rockstar, you made my day.