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The Woodland Department Of Public Safety Clan is recruiting as of right now, if you are interested in Role Playing and have the professionalism and maturity it takes to do so then this is the clan for you! What makes Woodland DPS stand out above the rest? There is not one sole leader in the group, instead we have 3. We also make sure that every member has a say in the community decisions (mod pack, policies, etc.

Woodland DPS is composed of 3 main departments that include City Police, County Sheriff, and State Troopers. Fire and medical services we have are Woodland County medical services, and Woodland County Fire department. In addition to these agencies,Woodland DPS Mat-Com (Dispatch) provides all of the agencies with a well-regulated medium for emergency communication. While members are restricted to one law enforcement agency, they may also become members of WCFMS.

A lot of our game is modified to enhance the game play experience. Many of these modifications are member created, such as a dispatching program, custom vehicle liveries and uniforms. With this overall combination, we are more than confident that Woodland DPS is the right place for you!

Website: http://woodlanddps.com

-Woodland DPS Recruitment Team