looking for Recruits for a GTA IV Clan For (PC)

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N H P D (Night Hawks Police Department)

We Are The Night Hawks!

We are looking for GTA 4 recruits for a specialized GTA clan we will be doing things such as


(Online Missions)

As well as much more

We are looking for anyone who is willing to be committed to this clan and will be a great officer or commissioner, The things we look for are listed below !

you also will be Given a specified Rank Depending on your leadership skills and how you Show you are worthy of being that rank. (All members must Apply on the website,then IF you are Accepted you will move to the Interview Stage (must have Team Speak to get to interview) , Then you will be given a specified (Trainer) Rank. and depending on how you respond on patrols and other missions then you will be ranked up. [YOU ALSO HAVE TO INSTALL MODS AND IF YOU CANNOT DO THAT I RECOMMEND NOT APPLYING]




(Ability to follow Instruction)


(and as well as timing)

If you have questions Either Visit our team speak OR Go to our website:

Website: http://gtaiv-nphd.enjin.com/home

TeamSpeak I.P : play.elemtuix.tk