How do I fix this lighting bug? (Pictures included)

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I have a strange bug in GTA IV where every light is overbright and blue (including, but not limited to streetlights, headlights, bridge lights, the moon, and the sun.) This problem does not happen when I use ENB mods, however, my computer is not powerful enough to run such mods at decent framerates. The problem also does not happen indoors - everything looks perfect there. The only mod I am using at the moment is a modified "visualsettings.dat" file for increased performance. I have had other visual mods installed in the past, but I have since overwritten them with the default GTA files (I backed them up.)

Pictures in order: Daytime, Indoors (Everything's fine there,) Night 1, Night 2.

Can anyone figure out what I need to do to resolve this issue? I don't think I need to post my specs, as this hasn't happened on previous installations of the game, but I will anyway.

HP Pavilion DV6 laptop
Windows 7 Home Premium
AMD A8-3520m APU @ 1.6ghz
AMD Radeon HD 6620G 512mb graphics
6GB of RAM (Not sure what kind.)

I am running patch version

Once again, any help would be appreciated. Thank you.