GTA 5 Beta Invites, Multiplayer ONLY!

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OK so I know I"m new and all but I have 4 GTA V beta invites. You can't play any of the story mode but most of the freeroam is working. Seeing as I only have 4 here's what you have to do. Reply to this thread and answer the following questions. 1. Why should I give you my beta invite? 2. What's the first thing you will do in GTA V multiplayer? Please answer here and then send an email to this email < not a personal email address, just used for this giveaway.
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I think you should give me your beta invite as it would be great if we could start a crew together The first thing i would do is explore the map and see what LS has to offer
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What consoles this for or is it PC You should give me a code because as i would start a crew with you and the other guy The first thing i would do on multiplayer would be to find a bunch of cars and put them into my Garage
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I would love to get a Beta invite for GTA, it looks like an amazing game and I cant wait to play it. If you want we could roll together... if not i'll just explore all the game has to offer and give any feedback to the developers in an attempt to make the game as flawless as possible. :)
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I'd really like to start a crew, the team play is what i like the most. custom cars are awesome. i'd try to balance both. the garage looks really cool and I'd definitely love to fill that. exploring the world would be next, and i cant wait for new content even before the game comes out.
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I have been a fan of gta since san andreas and i have been waiting for gta 5 since gta iv the first thing i would do is everything