GTA IV Complete Edition as a must have on xBox 360!

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition X360
GTA IV was an amazing and ambitious technical marvel in 2008. With a gripping story and amazing voice action and believable characters the game was the best of the year and the best in the franchise. Even today I still play the game over and over. With the 2 expansions in the complete collection this games gets even better with more story hours and new characters and venues to explore.

Today this is still my favorite game of all time. I played it on the PS3, but the xBox 360 seems to run smoother and makes it a little better looking. Maybe they put more effort in the 360 version because they launched it earlier I don;t know. Today this complete edition is only 28 euros, that's about 22 dollars so if you haven't played it yet and you like a good story and an open world gameplay you just have to buy this game!