Why so Low? Why a 7? Because this game makes me angry.

User Rating: 7 | Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition PS3
I just beat Red Dead Redemption with a joy, it was the best game ever. So I decided to go back to GTA series. I've bought original GTA IV when it first came out in 2008. I remember being angry and FRUSTURATED!!! Then I buy this and I was so angry I almost threw my controller at the TV. Here are the reasons why this game pisses me off.

- First with just this edition, why do they make all save games in one folder(list, or whatever). I can play Lost and Damnded and by accident save to my Gay Tony game. STUPID!!! What were you thinking?
- I hate the way it starts without asking me which save I want to play. Who you think you are to make that desicion for me?
- Stupid cover system. Sometimes he just doesn't shoot or throws a grenade from cover when needed, sometimes it is a life or death situation. Very slow response time on characters behalf, I push my trigger button and hour later he shoots, well I should be thankful he does, because sometimes he doesn't.
-How about when I die, I DIE!!!! and I restart from the check point!!!! with all my ammo, health and body armor I had at that checkpoint (they fixed that in RDR too). Who this game think it is to ask me to do the mission with 3% health and 10 bullets left? It's just more of annoying driving I have to do to replenish all of my stuff.
-When I start a new mission with no bullets and health is very frusturating this game could've fixed it by giving me atleast a minimum required.
-Same goes to events, like parachuting, to restart I have to go all the way to the event start, not just a quick push off a button. I just don't want to do these events between mission because it throws me off far from my vehicle...another great feature rockstar ruined, no parachute jumping for me!!!
- Weapon switching is annoying they fixed it in RDR with the wheel.I know there s push the bumper and dpad, but it's still stupid....thanks rockstar.
- stupid phone is always ringing with people who want to hang out or do something. Phone list full of needy people? Is that your idea of fun Rockstar? WTF were you thinking? This is a video game, I don't want to be annoyed!!!
- Video game is my personal fantazy, when I am pretty much like god and missions are just little challenges to get me little self fullfilment. So when I tell Armadillo(or whatever his name is) that I need a Gun Van NOW!!! It means NOW!!! You are a video game character you don't exist, my pleasure is YOUR bussines. Or if rockstar was smart enough they could just make it so a player can unlock a special place to get special weapons for a discount price!!! and not really on some A hole friend to deliver him guns.

Everything else is good, it's just this stupid crap that annoys me so much. Because it would've been so easy to fix.