User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto III PS2

Grand Theft Auto III. What do I think of it? Hmmm... stealing cars, killing cops, killing random people, blowing up my backstabbing girlfriend. This game is freaking AMAZING!

Grand Theft Auto III was the first GTA game to be in 3D, and it uses the RenderWare engine.

It takes place in August or October 2001 in Liberty City, "The Worst Place in America", based off of New York City. You play as a bank robber (not named in the game, but his name is Claude, revealed in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) who gets shot by his girlfriend, Catalina, and to be left for dead. He gets arrested and is sentenced to 10 years in Liberty Penitentiary for Armed Robbery. While the police ride to prison, a bomb is set off at the Callahan Bridge by the Colombian Cartel. He soons escape after the boms sets off with some guys with messed-up hands named 8-Ball (voiced by Keith Elam "Guru" (RIP)). They then drive to Sex Club 7 in the Red Light District to talk to Luigi Goterelli (voiced by Joe Pantoliano). Luigi asks the mystery bank robber to pick up Misty (voiced by Kim Gurney) from the clinic.

Let's skip all this story, it could be too long.

There is a lot of stuff to do in Liberty City, kill people, get hookers and then kill them for your money, die, get arrested, drive, steal a Taxi, get fares from the Taxi, get an ambulance, rescue people, get a cop car, kill criminals being a vigilante, and many more!

The audio is AMAZING! The radio is pretty stupid, but the music on 8 of the 9 radio stations are amazing! The radio stations are: Head Radio (Commercial Pop, makes a return from GTA 1 and 2) Double Clef FM (Real Classical Music), K-JAH (reggae), Rise FM (Techno), Lips 106 (Commercial Pop), Game FM (Hip-Hop and Rap), MSX FM (too fast Techno pirate-radio), Flashback FM (80s music), and Chatterbox FM (Talk radio).

My favorite radio stations are Head Radio and Chatterbox. The music on Head Radio is amazing! From bands like Dil-Don't, Whatever, Craig Gray, Conor & Jay, Frankie Fame, Scatwerk, and Dezma. My favorite song on Head Radio is Dezma - Life is But A Mere Supply! I can't stop listening to it!

Fun Fact: Even though Dezma is a fictional band created by DMA Design (now Rockstar North), the lead singer is none other than Kate McKinnon, the first gay/lesbian cast member on Saturday Night Live.

Chatterbox is hilarious! The stupid callers like the opossum eater, the president of Citizens Raging Against Phones (CRAP) and many more are stupid and get on the host's (Lazlow Jones) nerves. There are pretty funny guests on the show too, such as Fernando Martinez (Frank Chavez), founder of Fernando's New Beginnings, a "Revolutionary way of saving your marriage" and Reed Tucker (as himself in a lispy voice), owner of Now and Zen, "an organic food market in Trenton". Fernando gets thrown out by Lazlow, thinking he is a "cheap pimp from Upstate", and Reed injures himself attempting to chop the studio desk in half.

The commercials are stupid, but hilarious! They are all parody filled, such as Aris Running Shoes, paroding Nike's kid workers, "Its fun! We get to play with knives!" "My friend Joey sewed his hands together!" "Yesterday, I made a dollar!" Holy crap, that made me laugh so hard.

Flashback FM's music is all from the movie Scarface! If you look in the game's manual, you'll see that all the music on Flashback is from Scarface. You'll notice when your playing the game on Flashback, you'll hear Paul Engermann's "Scarface (Push it to the Limit)". I love listening to that when I do a drive-by!

The graphics have aged over 10 years; they are not that good in today's standards but the gameplay makes up for them!

Go buy this game! DMA did a very good job making this amazing game and you could really enjoy it!

A classic, a masterpiece!