Whether you can't get enough of GTA IV or if you were completely disappointed with it, EFLC should please you.

User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City PS3
The Good:
+You get more than your money's worth.
+Both stories are great.
+The Ballad of Gay Tony returns some over the top gameplay.
+Great voice acting.
+More weapons.
+More vehicles.
+New multiplayer modes.
+New cheats.

The Bad:
-Minor Bugs.

Previously only released on the Xbox 360, Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City is a pack of the two expansion packs for Grand Theft Auto IV; The Lost and Dammed and The Ballad of Gay Tony, that were also previously available on Xbox 360. In 2010, Episodes From Liberty City was finally released on the Playstation 3 and PC. The first DLC; The Lost and Dammed is based on the bike gang The Lost and protagonist Johnny Klebtiz, his story happens alongside Niko's of Grand Theft Auto IV and the two stories intercept throughout the game. The second DLC; The Ballad of Gay Tony is based on the life of Tony Prince but you play as Luis Lopez, this story, just like Johnny's, intercepts with Niko's throughout the game.
The core gameplay of Grand Theft Auto IV remains but there are numerous changes, probably the best of these changes is the over the top action in The Ballad of Gay Tony, similar to what Saints Row 2 offered. In The Lost and Dammed, the main emphasis is on motorcycles so you will be riding them a lot, in Grand Theft Auto IV, riding motorcycles could become tedious due to falling off during a chase mission and having to go get back on your bike (if you didn't die) and probably fail the mission because you lost who you were meant to be chasing, well in The Lost and Dammed motorcycle handling has been greatly improved and it is a lot harder to fall off, it really makes motorcycles a lot more fun. Both games introduce a new variety of weapons, and this is a really good thing because there was a very small amount in Grand Theft Auto IV, in The Lost and Dammed, you can now get a pool cue, automatic pistol, sawn-off shotgun (that can also be used while riding a motorcycle), assault shotgun, grenade launcher (which is also available in The Ballad of Gay Tony) and even a pipe bomb. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, new weapons included are a new pistol, gold plated SMG, assault SMG, explosive shotgun, advanced machine gun, advanced sniper and even satchel charges. Both DLCs also introduce new vehicles, in The Lost and Dammed there are lots of new bikes as well as a gang van and prison bus and a few other cars, in The Ballad of Gay Tony you now have access to three new helicopters, an APC tank, some new sports cars and other new vehicles and even a parachute (if that counts as a vehicle), these new additions are a lot of fun. There are also some new fun multiplayer modes introduced for both DLCs including new races (that now include nitro) and chopper vs chopper dogfights.
The graphics look as good as they did in Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Dammed has a grain filter the works well and fits the atmosphere of the game. Sadly there are still some minor glitches that were present in Grand Theft Auto IV but they are a small price to pay for how detailed the city is.
Voice acting is once again terrific and the game introduces some new songs for the already great soundtracks.
So overall whether you can't get enough of Grand Theft Auto IV or if you were completely disappointed with it, Episodes From Liberty City should please you. Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City get an almost perfect 9.5/10.