Two terrific GTA games for the price of half. Awesomeness!!

User Rating: 9.4 | Grand Theft Auto Double Pack XBOX
:Good Idea:
·You may have played the original GTA 3 and maybe Vice City, but the graphics on the Xbox version are a bit better and sharper. Either way, you get both games for cheap.
·Loads of violent fun to be had. Both of them are huge and full of wonders.
·The MP3 player for your cars is a great feature. Now you don't have to listen to weird rap or new wave. You can listen to polka.

:Bad Idea:
·Nothing really different besides a few minor tweaks to the gameplay.
·One bad idea is getting this game for a kid for a birthday present. You'll be sued out of your pants by Jack Thompson and his lord of evil minions.
·Another bad idea is playing this game while drunk. No idea why though.

·A great buy and well worth the money. There is a triple pack these days with San Andreas (great buy) but if you for some reason, only can find this version, its still awesome.