User Rating: 9.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS
The new GTA will not disappoint friends. If you are a fan of the more recent GTA's (San Andreas or GTA IV) the idea of bringing back the old-school birds-eye view may seem slightly outdated but fear not Rockstar managed to make it work.

People may wonder whether the touch-screen mini games will get in the way of the game play (tapping your way out of a sinking car or starting a car with a screwdriver) but by the good placing and simplicity of them it manages to intensify the overall experience.

But hands down the best new feature is dealing. The easiest way to make money is to drug deal. Buy at low price and sell at high price and escape the police in the new chase system trying to reach your trusty merchants.

With the new camera style you may think that good old fashion gang fights may become awkward, think again, the aiming system still remains the same, there are new combat moves such as round house kicks and flying kicks and the game introduces a new throwing system using the touch pad.

I have been playing this game non-stop since I bought it yesterday and sincerely hope that you do yourself a favor and buy it.

9.7 instant favorite